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By Rose Harissa - September 15, 2010

Perhatian semua, buat rakan taulan... ada contest menarik dengan hadiah yang sangat cute di TBOOX - Malaysia Gift Online Shopping Mall!
Aku suka sangat website ni sebab ia adalah shopping mall maya yang paling best dan banyak barang-barang cute kat sana. Jadi, kalau korang suka barangan yang cute miut untuk dihadiahkan kepada boyfriend, girlfriend, mak, ayah, kawan, pakwe, makwe, suami, isteri, atau siapa-siapa sajalah, bolehlah melawat ke TBOOX. Jangan lupa sertai peraduan yang sedang TBOOX jalankan sekarang!

Best Gift Idea Contest – Doughnut Cushion and Nike Backpack plus mystery gifts giveaway.

Buying a gift for your loved one (Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Husband/Wife) is always easy because you know each other so well. Either for him or for her, either creative or romantic or unique. Whether you choose the much-wanted or the totally unexpected item, a gift from your loved one is always being treasured and sweet.

Here’s how it’s played:

  1. Share with us what is your best gift idea at Tboox Facebook Wall Post.
  2. The top 3 creative gift idea winners stand a chance to win Doughnut Cushion plus mystery gift you will get surprise.
  3. The most creative gift ideas with most “likes” stand a chance to win our Grand Prize – Nike Backpack.
  4. Submit your Full Name, Email and Website(optional) to admin@tboox.com with subject “Best Gift Idea Contest”

What Will You Win?

Contest ends on 10th October 2010 and we’ll announce the winner the next day!

For more information, visit :



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  1. cite dye best sgt , huhuh , ad yng sedey , ad yng funny , ad yng happy :)) keep it up kak rose !

  2. citer SKnC ya?
    mekasih ya dik...akak terharu dengan pujian tu :)